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Gender: Female
Age: 26
Location: United States, Virginia, Chesapeake
No connection
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Skype: Be nice to the jelly fish
Smoking Habits: Rarely
Drinking Habits: Never
Interests I'd like to share with others: Anime, Anime Music Videos, Art, Books, magazines, Coffee, tea, and conversation, Computers/Internet, Conventions, Cooking, Cosplay, Dungeons & Dragons, Fishing, Gaming, Horoscopes, LARPing, Manga/Comics, Movies/Videos, Music, Speaking Different Languages, Television-I love TV
My Favorite Sports: Jogging, Skating, Walking/Hiking
Top 5 Favorite TV/Anime Titles: Cowboby beeb bop, Sailor moon, Guren Lagen, Gundum (all), soul eater
Top 5 movies: Cowbobo beep bop the movie, 1st pokemon movie, spirit away, castle in the sky, animatrix
Top 5 bands, composers, or musical artists: Dir en grey, An cafe, the pillow, All Vocolaoid, T.a.t.u
Top 5 Favorite Games: all persona games, Disega, kingdom hearts, ff12, ookami
Top 5 Books/Manga: yaoi, bleach, vampire game, Mega tyoko, naruto
My favorite Gijinka of the month

♥♥Welcome♥♥ for the anime ouran host club peeps out there!
W370m3 for all you 1337 players out there!
"Welcome" said the wombat for all my rpers out there!

I'm your typical otaku female. I have a trunk fill with manga, cute stuff plushies, anime base anime games, and I even took it as far as driving around with a gaint penguin in my passengers seat! I have two best friends. My friend Indy and my other friend Ashely.  I been to three cons: Katsucon15, AMA, and Nekocon12. In june I'm going to go to AMA again since its only ten minutes from where I live! Spankin! I do cosplay! I love people who do cosplay! Hinthint guys. I done Itachi, deidara and school girl deidara from Naruto. Hiyori and Misao from Lucky star. Hopefully I can be a girl next con.  I'm pretty much upbeat when I'm online, caused I love talking to you guys! I really do because I can talk and relate with people who truly love anime/manga/games/etc. for real and not because its popular to walk around with a pikachu backpack. I hope everyone have a spankin time talking to me.
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Megatokyo needs to shutup and ...
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Author: Wombat
Musing that crossed a wombat path to otaku life, love, and understanding...
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This is for everyone and anyone who likes or wants to know about Touhou....
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This group is to get the word out about AALT2: African Americans Like These 2 (AA LikeThese2) - Uniting African Americans with Asian Interests. It is a social network located at
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The Akatsuki (暁) of the Otaku Social Network is a Naruto fan Club ! Were here to quench your thirst of the mythical shinobi world of characters, battles, mangas, anime and all the tailed beast...
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This is the OSN Ouran HighSchool Host Club dedicated to all things Shojo! All Girls and Boys are welcome to discuss everything Shojo (少女), Shōnen (少年), Comedy (お笑い), Harem and even some Ecchi (エッ...
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Member since: 11/09/2009
Profile last updated: 04/07/2011
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