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Gender: Female
Age: 21
No connection
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Smoking Habits: Never
Drinking Habits: Rarely
Interests I'd like to share with others: Anime, Cosplay, Gaming, Manga/Comics, Movies/Videos, Music, Photography
My Favorite Sports: Swimming
Top 5 Favorite TV/Anime Titles: Clannad/after story, Inuyasha, Naruto, Prison school, Fruits basket
Top 5 movies: Halloween, The lovely bones, Spirited away, Kikis delivery service, Charlie St. Cloud
Top 5 bands, composers, or musical artists: Sleeping with sirens, Asking Alexandria, Escape the fate , Clinton cave, Shane dawson
Top 5 Favorite Games: Fable:1,2&3, Sims:1,2,3&4, Yandere simulator, Walking dead, Life is strange
Top 5 Books/Manga: Peach girl, Host club, Inuyasha, Naruto
Hello my name is jessica. I am here looking for a bestfriend I can talk to all the time and just be normal.
I have just recently lost my bestfriend to someone else and I think I want to proceed in getting a new bestfriend.

I plan on cosplaying this year and after college I will be moving to Seattle, WA with my boyfriend of 2 2/1 years. I honestly don't care what gender you are or orientation you are. As long as you love anime you are a great person. 

My last bestfriend was female so I would like to see if having a female friend would be possible.
Please message me if you want a bestfriend or just a real good friend that listens to you and will have your back whenever you need me too.

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AMV - Reborn! Gokudera Tribute
From: Gokudera
Added: 3298 days ago
Views: 632
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Author: JeshikaK
Message me if you still come online....
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A club dedicated to the anime Death Note. Anything involving Death Note. Fans Welcome :D...
Author: AnimeXtreme
This is the OSN Ouran HighSchool Host Club dedicated to all things Shojo! All Girls and Boys are welcome to discuss everything Shojo (少女), Shōnen (少年), Comedy (お笑い), Harem and even some Ecchi (エッ...
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Member since: 03/19/2016
Profile last updated: 03/19/2016
Current Status: Offline
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