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Gender: Female
Age: 19
Location: Puerto Rico, Ponce, Guánica
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Top 5 Favorite TV/Anime Titles: Kill la kill, Ao no exorsist, Fairy tail, Love live, Black butler
Top 5 movies: Karin, Vampire knight, Shiki, Hellsing, One pice
Top 5 bands, composers, or musical artists: Miku hatsune, IA, Luka megumine, Kagamine rin, Evanescence
Top 5 Favorite Games: Love live , Minecraft, Call of duty, Final fantasy, Hyperdimension neptunia
Top 5 Books/Manga: Sword art online , Soul eater, Free, Death note, Naruto
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Author: Emo_Rin
hi me and my friends do a youtube channel and its called Weirdos In Cosplay so if u like this club check us out on youtube XD...
Author: Aimperato
Do you enjoy the manga or anime series GANTZ? Join us today as we talk about this strange, unique, suspenseful, and addictive series!!!...
For code geass fans come join the rebellion
A club dedicated to the anime Death Note. Anything involving Death Note. Fans Welcome :D...
Author: nightshot2
A fan club for the anime and manga Soul Eater....
Author: AMV Alliance
This club is for all those who love and create Anime Music Videos!...
Author: AnimeXtreme
This is the OSN Ouran HighSchool Host Club dedicated to all things Shojo! All Girls and Boys are welcome to discuss everything Shojo (少女), Shōnen (少年), Comedy (お笑い), Harem and even some Ecchi (エッ...
Author: AnimeXtreme
The Vizard masked army (仮面の軍勢, kamen no gunzei), it is pronounced as the English visored (ヴァイザード, vaizādo). Is a Shinigami that has acquired Hollow powers. Following the Fake Karakura Town Battle they...
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Member since: 07/14/2015
Profile last updated: 07/28/2015
Current Status: Offline
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