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Connection: No connection
Smoking Habits: Rarely
Drinking Habits: Rarely
Interests I'd like to share with others: Alumni clubs, Animals/Pets, Anime, Anime Music Videos, Art, Books, magazines, Camping, hiking, outdoor life, Coffee, tea, and conversation, Collectible Card Battle Games, Computers/Internet, Conventions, Cooking, Cosplay, Dining out-I really like good food, Drama-Plays/Musicals, Dungeons & Dragons, Family Outings, Figures/Models/Toys, Fishing, Gaming, Gardening, Hobbies and crafts, Horoscopes, LARPing, Manga/Comics, Movies/Videos, Music, News, Nightclubs/Dancing, Photography, Picnics, Playing cards, Politics, Religion/Spiritual, Sailing/Boating, Sci-Fi, Shopping/Antiques, Speaking Different Languages, Spectator Sports, Television-I love TV, Travel/Sightseeing, Volunteer/Community Activites, Wine Tasting
My Favorite Sports: Aerobics, Auto racing, Baseball, Basketball, Biking, Billiards/Pool, Bowling, Cricket, Dancing, Football, Golf, Hockey, Horseback Riding, Jogging, Martial Arts, Rock Climbing, Scuba Diving, Skating, Skiing, Soccer, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis/Racquet Sports, Volleyball, Walking/Hiking, Windsurfing, Weights/Machines, Yoga
Top 5 Favorite TV/Anime Titles: "Davids" - Dragon Ball Z / Maison Ikkuku / DNA2 / Shurato / Childs Toy / Berserk ., "Chris" - Fist Of The North Star / Ranma 1/2 / DragonBall Z / Cowboy Bebop / Space Adventure Cobra , "Jessica's" - Ghost Sweeper Mikami / Child's Toy / Rorouni Kenshin / Dragonball Z / Ranma 1/2 , "Brians" - 1. Violinist of Hameln / 2. Giant Robo / 3. Gunbuster / 4. Neon Genesis Evangelion / 5. Shin (Change) Getter Robo, "Ardyans" - Rurouni Kenshin / Fushigi Yuugi / Dragon Ball / Slam Dunk / Flame of Recca / Dragon Ball / Ruroni Kenshin/ Berserk
Top 5 movies: "Lenny's" -Star Wars- Episode 1 Phantom Menace / Friday / The Matrix / Car Wash / Armageddon / Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn / Half Baked / Rush Hour / Waterboy / Weird Science, "Davids" - Gladiator / No Escape / Empire Strikes Back / Coming to America / Rocky IV / Man in the Iron Mask / Leathal Weapon 4 / Spaceballs / Star Trek II / Star Wars Episode 1 / Die Hard, "Chris" - The Star Wars Saga /Remember The Titans/The Outsiders / Running Scared / Star Trek II/Rocky III / Purple Rain / Transfromers:The Movie /Rhinestone, "Brians" -The Matrix / Forrest Gump / Star Trek; First Contact / Armageddon / Water Boy, "Jessica's" - Finding Nemo / Return of the King / Star Trek / Shrek / Pirates of the Caribbeans

Who We Are (Our Main Club Members)
"We all participate in all the various Events, Clubs, Forums, polls and the other activities here on OSN" Our various positions and titles come from our original clubs designations "and we just keep around for fun"

Chris "
Lenny "

AnimeXtreme was created and was a strong force in the 90s, Like most fan clubs, Anime Xtreme is here to advance interest in anime. We also go to the next level as we offer more than most fan clubs, with free anime and J-Pop music videos we offer to everyone and active interest in our members (with our Anime Xtreme Trading post). Anime Xtreme also publishes a quarterly newsletter Global X that coast only a small fee each year.Anime Xtreme also sponser local Philly clubs.
Now AX provides Other fan service points with Hard to find anime series Openings, Closings and other points of interest.

Be sure to check out all our Profile Sections.

Our Past Lives (Brian)
"Old School

The year was 1979, and I was flipping through the channels looking for something to watch. I eventually came across an animated program that was unlike anything my little five year old eyes had seen before. The show was about a rebuilt battleship that was converted into a spaceship. A spaceship that had a massively huge cannon that could obliterate all in its path. Yes, I am talking about Space Battleship Yamato, best known as Starblazers. Starblazers was my first introduction to Anime. Although my love of anime would lay dorment for many years (it was reawakened during my senior year of high school), I always knew that it was different and special (when I first saw Voltron, I said "hey, that looks like Starblazers").

Our Past Lives (Chris)
Rangers Version"
I have been into Tokusatsu (Japanese live action hero shows) for the past 20 years. After my friend Sean Garrison got me watching Power Rangers we both wanted to see the original sentai episodes. The first real sentai I saw was Gosei Sentai Dairanger(Five Star Task Force Great Rangers).I was blown away! Ever since then I have collected sentai and all Japanese live action. At the coming conventions and newletters my goal is to have Tokusatsu merge with the Anime and Gaming. I`ve been with this group of jabronies now for a little over 2 years..what I have I learned from this experience?....I`ve learned new levels of anger...tested my stress to heights I never thought possible....hell, if it wasnt for the fact that I`m already bald..I WOULD have lost all my hair by now! But`s all good. And if you see me at the cons, dont be afriad to say hi, I`m not angry, that`s just my natural look.(well,I could be angry at the time,just say hi..anyway I wont hit you) :) Look for Rock Solid Gamerz at anime cons and arcades in next year, we`ll be doing video game tournaments (home console and arcade machines) as well as CCG (Collectible Card Game) tournaments.

Our Past Lives (Dave)
"The Ego Version"
Well to start off with I've always been a fan of animation of all kinds. Growing up in west Philadelphia in the first 15 years of my life I was more of an outdoors person , playing sports and causing mischief but occasionally I would stay inside and watch cartoons . Once and a while it would be exciting to watch shows like Transformers & GI Joe , I was also into shows like Voltron and Starblazers . When I was 16 my family and I moved to the more suburban parts of PA. I was given my first VCR (after using my families to the point of exaustion) I went on a taping frenzy , taping shows "in the best part of the century " great shows like Bravestar , Bionic Six , Thundqaer Cats , M.A.S.K (Mobile Armor Strike Command) and Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers There was also a show that was hard to catch called Robotech (Macross) , After getting past the "big eyes" I found the story to be amazing and the action to be stupendous from this point on I was hooked!! Years later as I was more deeper into it, renting and taping as many animated movie as I could find!!

Then when I was about 19 AFTER going to a comic book convention I found that their was so much more anime out there then I ever knew that there was commercially . I started to order anime through the mail in raw Japanese as my collection was growing I took a chance, saved my money and went to the 2nd annual Anime Expo in California . Then and later everyone I met that had anime did not want to share , very greedy people that I swore I would never be like , and that is one of my sole reasons for creating ....................

Our Past Lives (Lenny)
stylish Version"

What's to know about the Knight of Asian Entertainment? Probably one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Always looking out for the people he loves, Lenny is one guy that you'll want to have in your line up of friends. Born in Guam, U.S.A., Lenny has always been a big fan of Asian Entertainment from watching Hong Kong films, Kaiju, Tokosatstu, Sentai, and of course Anime. Being a military brat in the Air Force was hard for him because of all the traveling that he did. Finally at the age of twelve, he moved to Dover, DE.

Lenny attended Dover High School at age 13 where his main studies were in Music. Through his high school years he earned many awards and became one of the top percussionists in the state of Delaware and soon after, he graduated in 1989. In that same year, he was accepted into Delaware State University. Because of his parents divorcing Lenny had to make a choice of what he wanted to do w/ his life. Lenny decided to stay in Delaware but had to sacrifice college in the process for years. During those four years Lenny began to drum instruct for local high schools all over his county. His main instructing was at his Alma Mater, Dover High School where he started in 1990 up to the present date. During those years at DHS, he earned high honors and awards all over the East Coast including a top national festival award in 1999. After his third year with DHS, Lenny was able to return to college and earn his degree. As for his interest in Asian Entertainment, Lenny has always been a heavy fan. Because of his enthusiasm Lenny along with two of his best friends, Bill Collier and Sid Courtney, started the first Asian Entertainment club of Delaware named Arashi Anime, in 1995. The popularity of Arashi Anime became large in DE and soon became a largely popular club. So popular that in 1997, a local coffee shop named Cafe' De Galum, later known as Finn's Place, ask them to have video showings every week. Because of the explosion, Lenny decided to change the club name to Arashi XL because it was bigger and larger and also excelling to new things. During these years, Lenny met Dave of AnimeXtreme and Old School Productions. Soon after the alliance between OSP and Arashi XL was in effect and later becoming part of the Shaolin Network. Lenny still lives in Dover, Delaware and is still heavy into Asian Entertainment attending most conventions up and down the East Coast representing Arashi XL. He is also still working w/ The DHS Drumline also known as Rolling Thunder; hoping soon to be able to run a whole marching band program.

Stefan Maverick
Creepis Kryp
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