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I've been Otaku before I was a mama, a wife, or a member of society. Its anything goes for me at this point.
Sometime I'm at a lost
Work went as it usually does.  However, I seem to be just a bit more energetic than everyone else around me. Hyper.  I have to calm myself down, I can feel the energy, the desire to be entertained, to laugh, to jump straight out of my skin and leave for somewhere else.

Its just not good at work. It makes others feel bad. Some feel like they need to compete.  Others will straight out ask, "Just what the hell makes you so damn happy all the time?"

I have many happy moments.  Even when I take care of the sick and the dying everyday.  Even when I am the caregiver to the elderly, frail, and the developmentally challenged.  I celebrate in my happy moments, never to stray from what's good, beautiful and enjoyable in this life.  I don't flee from the realities, the cost of strife and the better part of avarice.  Its all part of life.

Anyway, I watched airgear while breaking my fast.  I still love that anime.  I netflix it, but its going to be added to my collection.  I have such a huge list!

I spoke with the local librarian who began a 'graphic novel' club about movie tie-in to go with the club events.  I found myself thinking in terms as a middle school advisor, but really its not so bad.  comics were always my first flirt in the literary world.  Hard core non-fiction was my infactuation.  So, now I have the opportunity to learn about, really study comics from someone who's a local fan.  I guess you can say I'm allowing myself to be mentored? 

Well, that's it for tonight.  I have a few manga to review tonight. Tomorrow I copy edit a historic comic name by my eldest daughter Sakile.  I also, have a historical text on comics to review.  The historical text was given to me by my new librarian mentor.

Next time
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Saturday morning
I sleep a lot, read a lot, work a lot. 

Its Saturday and its been well over forty days since I made an entry here.  However, I have been quite the busy beaver with my pursutes.  Anime, manga, pop-culture are the mainstay of my lifestyle.  Well, its sprinkled with the day-to-day drama of mainstream life.  PTA's, Community Leadership panels, paid work etc.

My reward, is a daily read of manga, a daily viewing of Anime and now weekly, updates of the Club Otaku NY's website.  I spent the balance of the last forty days studying the inner techniques to communicating with licensed distributors of anime, applying for screening permission for shows.  I spent other time working closely with the club members and officers to organize interesting events.  Learning about Trading Card Gaming was probably the most intense for me.

But its all a challenge and pretty good.  All of CONY members are committed to their hobby and sharing it while learning about the youth-culture that's unique to Otaku.

Right now, I have a little more to do.  Reviewing manga titles for the younger members is another job.  I really enjoy it.  For a really quick reader like me, I've managed to fall behind by ten manga, two non-fiction, and one fiction text. 

Oh well.

Will update again soon
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Random Halloween Winner

Random Prize Winner.  Hahaha...totally rocked my socks when I got my mail.  Magical Users Club!  Yay me.  Thanks OSN.  I got scary eyes by the way. 

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Photo Posts

Dueling Demo At Club Oaku
Club Otaku Dueling Demo

Manga Kart
Manga Kart samples of manga, shonen Jump, and gaming magazines

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Holiday update
Its that time of the year again. Fast approach to holiday servitude of gift giving, exchange and yuletide cheer. I'm totally in another zone with these events.  Maybe, just slightly out of touch and a little jaded.  However, my comforts are always the same.  Beautiful people, art, prose, poetry etc.   Manga, anime, dancing, gaming, costume playing continue to sustain me. 

In our home we are having a couple of anime marathons.  Princess Resurrection and Bleach. Since husband O and I are both in the healthcare fields of acute and emergency medicine, we don't get to share Thanksgiving as traditionally as everyone else.  Therefore, things really need to revolve around how we care for the rest of society. 

We will each cook a signature dish.  It can be anything traditional to American cuisine, southern, or international.  Everyone in our household contributes.  We keep things light and fresh, organic (80%), gluten-free, dairy-free, and often soy-free. 

There will be the ongoing aspects of reading manga, drawing manga, gaming, and drawing.

But tonight, its Parent Teacher Conference at Jr.'s H.S.

Next will be the photo posts of my prizes and Scenes from Club Otaku.
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Post or Die!
Ok so I have been really naughty with posting regularly.  There's no excuse.  There's only manga, anime, gaming and Club Otaku.  Oh, and there's the work that I do for pay.  I'm a real rescue hero!

So, yeah I did get my prize from the awesome OSN! Go, go OSN!!  I got Magic Users Club complete series in my mailbox last week.  I was the complete envy of my young fledgling Otaku.  I will have to make a photo post soon of that.  Soon as I upload the photo from husband O's blackberry. 

The week I went missing from my posts included getting screening permission, teaching club officers how to register with Operation Anime, assisting the members with updating their website and sitting in on a pokemon and yu-gi-oh duel demo.  I have a lot to learn about TCG.  It looks so interesting when the players go at it. 

I was so busy, I missed my meet-ups, and an industry party and book signing for a new graphic novel.  I missed Dir En Grey's visit at Kinokuniya.  I was way too tired.  I didn't even draw.  How awful!  I did preview a couple shonen anime for the club, read some essays on Tezuka Osamu and revisited his Black Jack manga.  I fell behind in my other readings but now I'm all caught up. 

My birthday and the Holidays are coming up and all I want  is more time.  Its not something anyone can give me.  But I'll take beautiful manga, plushies, and anime anytime.  I'll take good people for company, who are learning to love or are head over heals for the culture that is Otaku.  I will be happy to see the next generation having a good, safe and creative time with like minded people. 

We had guest at our last club meeting.  The senpai who graduated from the middle school stopped by to visit.  They announced their new anime club, theme based on Ouran Host Club.  It was good for the younger and newer members to meet last years members.

Now to get ready for work.  A sketchbook post will come next.

Next time. 
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The week that got away
Its been another week that has slipped by.  Well, no, not really slipped.  More like breezed by.  I don't know, I'm no good with metaphors and allegorys. 

Needless to say the week was tremendesly busy.  There was a lot of preparatory work that went into my volunteer activities advising in service as chairperson for Club Otaku.  I experimented with charting my time spent with R&D and I clocked in well over 9 hours that week! 

However, I really find that I love what I am doing. These gives me quite the satisfaction that I feel when I work for pay, engage in my personal hobbies, or go out for drinks with friends and family.   I actually find myself quite tested to overcome some of my own personal challenges, while doing club related work.

My accomplishments have included revamping and structuring the website related to the club.  I was procrastinating on it for quite a few months.   Other things included orchestrating things so the club members could have a really nice time planning and implementing their first party. 

In the truest sense I have become an Otaku mama to the fledgling Otaku in our community.  As with my own kiddos I make it my business to scaffold their development.  Team building is one of the goals for any group. 

The  club meets every thursday.  October 29 was our scheduled Cosplay Party. Each person had to choose an item to bring to the party and sign their name to their chosen item.  This way we wouldn't have twenty bags of Doritos...yuck! 

While there were those who were overly enthusiastic about things.  Most were quite serious about doing their best. There were one or two who didn't bring in their items and found the result to be rather devasting as the club depended on the item to complement the meals.  ie cups and forks.

Of course, I refused to be involved anymore than giving them the responsibility, the right and the authority to solve their own problems.  I would simply back them up when other adults misunderstand the mission.  Make sure they were safe physically and psychosocially.

Problems were solved as the forgetful young Otaku went back out to buy the missing items.  It was a good lesson for all the members. They organized themselves to tasks.  Others set up gaming stations for dueling...others browsed manga and gaming magazines.   We simultaneously broadcasted anime a member brought for viewing. We had a few new members of which I assigned our most energetic person the task of public relations and unofficial greeter.

On a personal level the rest of the week was chaperoning my young adult children to their anime club party, book club "pizza and pages" party and closing with a WallMart adventure for new jeans.  It was exhausting and a lot of fun. 

Even though I wasn't there with them at the parties I felt somewhat drained. It was an exercise in practising how to let go of your child to do their own thing.  I didn't realize how much of a milestone this would be for me as a parent, to let go.  When all the conditions are right there is safety, knowledge and a feeling of emotional stability (trust) in a situation the next step is to give your young adult child room to expand.  To go on their own to task and activity.

That was my personal accomplishment last week.

As for anime, I got part of my order of anime and manga: Otomen vol. 2, Fighting spirit vol.1, Hoop Days vol.1,Sugar vol.1, and X vols. 1-3.

Oh and as a bonus, I find out that I won the random Halloween give away contest on the Otaku Social Network. 

Yay me.  That rocks my socks

Next time photo posts of the week.

Websites mentioned:

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Almost a week
Just where does the time go

Suddenly, nearly a week has gone by.  We spent much of our time fundraising for the middle school.  I was supposed to go to a meet-up over the weekend.  The rain really looked bad over here.  Besides, its become a regular thing for the trains to get really delayed during a big rain storm.

The highlights of my week have been all the small things that really make my day run smooth.  Not being the micro-manager.  Really enjoying the skin I'm in.  Really marveling at all the beautiful people in the world.  Reading beautiful prose and drawing pretty pictures in my spare hours.

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What's next
Its cold and raining.  This is so not a good combination.  The show had to continue. 

Today is club day and honestly, its work.  I sincerely count myself blessed to be able to do things I enjoy.To watch the young adults get along with sharing their enjoyment for anime, manga, and gaming.

Today we had a short demo on how to draw animals.  The club president did the demonstration.  Sakile is definitely growing into the role.  One has to learn to delegate tasks to  be the best leader one can be.

Talibah handled much of the administrative things.  I was able to get some sketches done and counsel members on their drawing techniques and where to go to find out the value of their comic books.

After the day, I went to do my second job of fundraising for the middle school.  Its that time of year...hahaha.  For O he had a funeral to attend too.

Later I'll post my latest attempts.  Each time I get better, sketches become drawings more and more. Overall, it was a good day.

It ended with a round of political jokes and brainstorming on character developments for a proposal for an ongoing comic.

Who knows, maybe I can get a little more additional laughs out of these kids before mine grow-up and move on to adulthood. 

That's my goal each day.  Just another laugh please!

good night.

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Keeping up with the posts
The last couple days I spent recovering from my work weekend.   There was a holiday Monday. However, I can remember trekking to the local Modells watching the family try out new work-out equipment.  Jr. demonstrated some interest in boxing, however his form looked more like Win Tsung martial arts.  Maybe he's been watching the sports channels on cable.

We looked at some rollerblades. However, we may have to go to a specialty shop on-line to find more variety in larger sizes.

We stopped at Michael's chraft shop for a moment before our return trekk home.  I was really tired. 

Even with fatigue I had to study with O.  We keep a study date going.  We have been doing these three hour marathons. They have been rather productive.

I divide my time between LSAT, non-fiction, fiction, and drawing.  Its not that I get bored, but I do need the balance to concentrate best. 

Tonight I am on standby to assist the young adults with their studies.  Counseling has become more of my work at home these days.  I have to brush-up on my Spanish if I am to be of any real assistance.

The better part of my day I slept as usual.  I'm still fatigued from the stress of placing my old-man in a skilled care setting.  I have booked some rest and recreation this weekend...I will OD on anime, manga, and Japanese art exhibits at the Japan Society.

Now for a sketchbook post:

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A quick post
Ugh!   The tummy is not doing all to well.  But the worse thing is there was no Bleach episodes in my DVR.  I'm thinking maybe Adult swim aired some old stuff.  Because I don't watch television that I have not pre-determined, I miss out on all the stupid network announcements.

Can you believe, its been eight years that I have not watch any network station or television show in any capacity!  Its my way of dealing with the trauma of 9-11.  A form of media burn-out.

So, I'm suffering a little anime-anemia.  But there is always manga!  Drawing comic art and conspiring with my ladies on their next publication.  Plus it helps to be on duty the weekend and sleep until my next shift starts.

My one mistake was drinking a McDonald's coffee.  My body doesn't like it. Probably too much dairy.  I'm not much of a dairy eater.

While I haven't  worked on new sketches for the month of October, I have some September work to put up...Yay!

Sketch Post time.

 in  motion
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Speed Grapher
The last couple days I spent negotiating between trying to eat more than once per day without feeling sick.  Its not working out for me.  My tummy rebels.

After watching Speed Grapher when I was with The Band of the Hawk, hubby Netflixed the series and we've been watching it together.  This anime is really fast paced and ultra-cutting edge story telling.  Not for kiddos at all.

I did spend time getting things together in preparation for the club that I serve as adviser for.

Its a middle school, so my goals are to get them to organize themselves under certain guidelines and have them take ownership.

Manga, manga magazines, gaming magazines, industry sample manga, and Japan travel guides.  There are also, administrative stuff agendas, calendars, and 'how-to-read' manga packet.

I arrange the technology until, we can figure out who is best to be responsible for that.  I try to find ways to delegate everything.  I guess I'm lazy?  Nah, I train then shadow a member until they can fly on their own.

The members are all fired up to cosplay at the end of the month. They are really enthusiastic about creating fundraising ideas, and themes for workshops.  A DIY (Do It Yourself) identifies the unique talent or skill of fledgling Otaku and give them the stage to demonstrate and or teach to the members. 

After serving my 3 hours of volunteer service for the club, I went off to my monthly anime meetup at starlight diner.  It always have a great time talking to everyone. 

Sometime, I can be rather introverted or come off like an airhead.  I don't remember names well unless I write them down.  However, everyone takes care of each other and new comers are always at their best.  I was able to get a few new titles for anime to look for that may be good for a 13+ age group.  

I also got swag from Philosopher Phlex, our meetup sponsor and a local comic/manga/gaming vendor.

I feel pretty nice.  I'm a little tired, but I have a little more to do before bed. 

Good night and sweet dreams.
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The Band of the Hawk
Today, I spent my time with the band of the Hawk. It was a good crowd.  All of us there for the purpose of enjoying anime, gaming, food, and drink.  I have threatened to make the monthly event since its inception.  For various reasons, I failed to make an appearance.  However, this day I had penciled into my calendar and left to enjoy my time.  

It was very refreshing.  This was an afternoon to early evening event.   I was supposed to make another stop at a 'maid show' by wonderful Reni...but it got too late for me and I really needed to return back home to the kiddos.  My travel time is well over an 1hr and half, since I live over 20 miles from Manhattan.

The last week or so, has been the hallmark of my return to the world of living.  It is a return to the basic ideals, the most important people and activities in my life.  My silence, my disconnect from those who love me most have accepted me back as I am now.  I am a little different, yes.  More mature...yes its possible. I have so much to learn.  However, everyone of you who can...take me as I am and forgive my silence.

Just know the silence has been a cleansing for a mind struggling for peace.  Thank you for the time away to get things clear.

Right now I am enjoying a late evening meal of broccoli, shrimp, garlic sauce over rice.  A night cap and this update.

Tomorrow, I begin the unearthly task of searching for skilled care setting or nursing home from my aging, alzhiemer afflicted father.  

Next time.  Peace.

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Simple and Clean
My day was rather simple.  On the way home after being picked up from work the vehicle wouldn't start.  Something with the battery, that was quickly handled.  I slept after reading some manga.  Later, after I woke up I watched Shori no toki with hubby. 

I went out to the Library to drop off about twenty manga the household had borrowed.  I picked up some art books, Japanese historical fiction and literary criticisms I had been itching to read for quite a while. 

The evening I spent enjoying some rice with stir-fry cooked up by the oldest son (rice) and second daughter (stir-fry chicken with kelp).  A pleasant night cap as I update all my usual suspect of sites is what I do now.

I will listen to the soft sounds of the rain fall, do a few sketches and wrap the evening up with a good read from Persopolis and "Some final Words of Advice" by Saikaku Ihara.

Life is good.
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Sketch Post
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Don't take it so hard
Wallowing in my post NYAF bliss...

All I really wanted to do was post a few pictures up today on this thing...but its just not working out.

Maybe tomorrow.

I won't take it so hard.
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