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Epic Adventures of the Pocky NInja
Author: Deedo
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Tags: pocky, ninja, snacks, story
Once in a qiute village in the Glico forest, Pocky Ninja is on a quest to find the douche bag who drank one of the 7 Ramune elders.

On his quest he was lead to a near by city were the Pocky NInja skills will be tested to track and take down the douche drinking suspect....
Enter the Pocky Ninja!
One day Pocky Ninja was summoned by the Ramune Elders. As he got to the large glass doors be was faced with the 7 Ramune Elders, but to his surprise he only saw 6 of them. With a few words he was told that Ichigo elder was suddenly drank and the suspect was seen leaving the village.
So our hero sets out with his shokora no shito in hand, and clocked in black, sets out on a epic adventure to find the douche bag who dares to drink one of the 7 Ramune Elders.

More to come! Stay Tuned!

This is a work in process so try keep up as this story unfolds. I'll try to be posting chapters when i get more free time to type them up and due to my lack of free time, they will be only short stories. 
04/09/2010 3 Comments | Add Comment
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