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My unreal work day's
jack slade
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as it sounds like in title
eh off subject this is mainly a random post
jack slade
i got back on and checked out the new chat thingy and its epic. really cool layout and all. yall shuld check it out. its awesome XD

as for my work days i goto say its down right boreing +_= so much infact i forgot what i was typein +.+
10/20/2011 0 Comments | Add Comment
i am not at work this time
jack slade

-3- i am on vaca for once and care less what stupidity went on at the office.. thow i would like to know what happend but do i really want to know o.e NOT. that would ruin my time off -3-
06/23/2011 0 Comments | Add Comment
lazy workers
jack slade
oh yeah they never pull there own weght i'm practualy doing all the work thet fail to do =.=
geez i goto do everything.
02/02/2011 0 Comments | Add Comment
more stupidtiy
jack slade
as allways more idieacuridy at it's best. mark (one of the workers) put thumb tacks in jason's printer as a joke. he diden't take it too well. they had a fist fight and got yelled at by the boss for the 1987th time. thats all for now.
09/02/2010 0 Comments | Add Comment
work day stupidity
jack slade
i have a office at nyc's shipping area. there two workers that act like 4 year olds. can't say much now. when more happens i'll put it here.
08/15/2010 1 Comments | Add Comment
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 work day stupidity