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What Anime are We Watching?
Author: Marimo Head
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Hey hope this works, never really written a blog before..
So What are We Watching? Back to Blog
Marimo Head
This may be a bit late since the summer anime season has already started, but I'm curious to see what people are watching and what "the hotness" is for this season. I'm currrently watching Battery, Days, Jojo's Part 4, RE: Zero, and Food Wars. If you wanna check out my MyAnimeList my name on there is MechLordShiva. Just a warning though it's not 100% accurate but most of it's there. But most importantly; what are you watching and maybe give a small description so I can see if I like it? I guess as an example I'll do that for Food Wars.

Anime: Food Wars (Shokugeki no Souma)
Current Season: 2
Desc.: Continuing from where season 1 left off the Autumn Elections are being held to find out who's the best and brightest among the students. The show has to deal with Extreme Cooking Competitions which are animated incredibly and have ingredients for the dishes being made. There is fanservice but at most times it's pretty tasteful (heh... food joke) and if you enjoy intense battles; while it isn't fist brawling action there's still plenty of crazy moments. There's a diverse amount of character tropes and you really will start to pick favorites, as well as have a hard time rooting against or for other favorites. If you haven't seen season 1 I highly reccommend watching that first but you could jump into season 2 after reading a synopsis of the first season and not be too lost.

So with that, hope to get a response and have something new to watch. Or to be able to reccommend or give an opinion on a thing I like to have you all watch! Happy Viewing
08/13/2016 1 Comments | Add Comment
erieri96 | 02/01/2017
Really enjoyed Food Wars, though till' today haven't watched the last couple of episodes. Planning to do so. I'm really anticipating the second season of Attack on Titan this year, hope that it won't be pushed back again. Really tired of waiting.
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