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F.A.Qs about Figures!
Author: Deedo
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Tags: Figures, Anime, Review
Things you might want to know for the Collectors.
F.A.Qs about Figures!

to the F.A.Qs about figures. This is going to talk about 4 lines of popular figures that are out and what might be coming out as well. I'm going to go over a few things before i talk about the 4 figure lines.

1st off for all who are starting to collect figures or are, you might know this or if you don't then it might be something to bring to your attention. Also if i missed anything feel free to add it in. 
Anyways, going to go over the "Bootleg" figures. I know it can be debated on them being good or bad, but i'm not going to talk about them right now. What i am going to do is tell you how to identify them. Some of the easiest ways to ID them are by there paint jobs, and also they tend to "shine" more on the face areas and also don't seem to fit right in the stands like this. Sometimes you'll get a figure that is a bootleg and you may never know it. There getting better but if you payed really cheep for them, you might just got one. 

Anyways, I'm going to be talking about Revoltech, Figma, MMS (Multi Moveable System.) and Mobip. Each one has there Pros. and Cons. and i'll be posting the links for each one if you wanna read more into them.



They are the figures that mostly focused on the Mechs. What made this line different was the ball joint system like in the pic above. You'll see that they have a big line up of Mechs from shows like, Evangelion, Macross, and Transformers. And they did start a line the was more based into the humanoid figures. Revoltechs have a large selection to choose from so you just might find alittle bit of everything you'd might want from this line. 
This line also added in a Humanoid type. These include, Aliens, Trigun, Godzilla and even Jack Skellington Revoltech. They are also releasing one from Zoids too of Blade Liger, this line looks to be really good and are better designed than others before it, so it could be said that there trying to take the lead.  

Some good points about them, if your into the mechs then you'll probably find what your looking for and there are a large selction of them. As well they are well built and have good detail on them. There are more getting added to this line so keep checking in with websites and something will come up that you'll want. 

Bad points on them, can't pose well. That i think would be the biggest probelem i see with them over all. (And there Clicking!!!! OMG THE CLICKING!!! j/k)  Also some are kinda weak jointed, it might just have been mine but it was hard to keep some of the pieces from falling off as i was trying to pose them. Just watch out for that is the best thing i can say about that.  

The Revoltechs were one of the 1st figure lines to have come out and are still going strong!!



Made by Max Factory and from Good Smile Company, this line could arguable be the most populor of all the figure lines. They have maybe THE largest line up for anime related figures. Offers characters from,
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Fate Stay Night, Code Geass, Shakugan no Shana, and Vocaloid.

Some good point about these are, very poseable. Great Detail to clothing and accessories, and very large selection. Well priced for this kind of Figure.  

Bad points, sometimes don't stay in place. Always needs it's stand to well... stand up. Hand joints. (it's more like having to put on the new hands with that ball joint thing there, just annoying to deal with) And there LIMITED! When there run is over, normaly that's it. Unless they rerelease it, but most of the time they don't. (Unless it sells well then they will.)
Over all the Figmas do hold the best balance in cost, and quailty. (If you find are able to preorder them)

MMS (Multi Moveable System) 


These are made by Konami, are also known as Busou Shinki. Unlike the Figmas, they come from a online fighting sim called Battle Rondo. (Think Angelic Layer online) When you buy one of these figures you get a card with a code on it, enter that code in to the Battle Rondo and now you can go online and battle with that figure. On a plus side, all the Busou Shinki are interchangeable. So your imagination holds no bars in what you want to make from them. (Side note... There is a PSP ver. of this getting released in the summer of 2010)

They might be considered "Mech" based since most of them have armor equipment. But not all of them like Yoko. 

Good points, they are on the same lines of poseable and quality as the Figmas (maybe better), but comes it more accessories and a bit more detail. 
If you can set it up (since you'll need a Japanese account to play)... There's a fun online game to be played!!

Bad points, EXPENSIVE!!! (Can range from 40-60 bucks and the expansions can range from 20-40) Also these are NOT released in the states, so you have to get them from online retailers, EBAY, or Proxy's. They are VERY limited!! I can not even begin to say how hard it is to get some of these. Not to mention some are only sold on the Konami website that if you want it from there, you'd have to live in japan or know someone over there whilling to send you it when it's released.


Not to long ago i got the Mobip figure Miyafuju Yoshika from Strike Witches. This figure line is very nice, it doesn't have the stiff joints that some others have and the hand peaces don't come off easy like some of the other figure lines.

Pros. Good quality for a cheep price, nice add ons like the K-ON figures comes with each there own and some of the others band equipment, that are good detail.

Cons. There isn't alot made nor do they have a big selection to choose from, not to mention that when they come out and sell out, most likely will never come back in stock unless you get it off ebay or a local seller.
This line is very new and only has 7 figures right now. 2 From Little Busters (from a dating sim) 4 from K-ON (most of you might know the that one) And 1 from Strike Witches. (Flying pants less lolita girls with animal ears and tails) 

There are alot of figures out there and if you something or want to share more info on what i haven't put on here, by all means do it. I hope this helps on the fellow collectors. And last but not least... a few websites you can buy these figures.


Just fair warning, some of them are kinda pricy but if you look around you might find a good deal. If you shop Ebay, just be aware of the Bootleg'd ones if your trying to get the real figures. Well Enjoy everyone!!

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 F.A.Qs about Figures!