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Are you a Fighter?!
Author: Deedo
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Tags: Games, Fighters
Do you play fighters? Are you good?! Practice makes perfect?!
Fighting Games
So i've been into fighters for awhile now and one of my Favs is, Melty Blood.


I've always been wondering who else knows about this or has played it. For those who dont' know about this game it's a 2D fighter that plays kinda like, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, and KOF (King of Fighters)

I also like to play Tekken, Blazblue, Fate Unlimited Codes, Arcana Hearts, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, King of Fighters, just to name a few. I've basicly lived in the arcade for about 4 years since i worked in one for that time frame so i've liked to play. And i also love a good challange from good ppl. But i guess that's only amatter of oppion when it comes to skill and button mashing... Either way it's aways great to play new ppl or anyone who loves fighters. I'm normaly on my PS3 or 360 just playing random battles, but it's not the same like the good ol'days in the arcade... Oh-well i guess i just miss the old days of arcade fighters...
02/01/2010 2 Comments | Add Comment
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 Fighting Games